HT MC11 S19

Microprocessor Temperature Regulator for System Housings

HT MC11 S19 is a ready-wired component with the same regulating characteristics as HT MC11. Before start-up it must be installed and connected into a suitable system housing. In addition to the regulation electronics it has a solid state relay for switching the load, a 2-pole mechanical relay to cut off the heating from the mains in case of an error and an exchangeable fuse on the front. A connection board on the rear allows easy connection with spring terminals. Also available for several control circuits or wired ready for operation in a table or wall housing.

Also available in table housing.
Or for stationary use either for one-phase or three phase alternating current

Functions and features

Housing: Powder coated aluminum, protection category IP 00
Control electronics: Two-position-regulator, PID control characteristics
Self-optimization: Automatic determination of control parameters (Autotune)
Operation: Using keypad
Temperature supervision: Temperature supervision with second sensor input, adjustable limit value, two-pole disconnection of heating voltage
Connections: Heating and temperature sensor connection via multipole sockets or cable glands, connection board with spring terminals inside the housing
Switching power: Up to 3450 Watt (at 230 VAC), electronically switched
Temperature sensor: Independently selectable for regulation and supervision, Resistance sensor Pt100, NI120, Pt1000, Thermocouple Fe-CuNi (L), Fe-CuNi (J), NiCr-Ni (K), PtRh-Pt (S), NiCr-NiSi (N)
Potential-free switching: Heating voltages 24-250 VAC (10 A or 15 A depending on model) can be switched independently from the auxiliary voltage of the control electronics.
Program function: 6 * ramp time + hold time
Softstart function: For smooth heating-up
Alarm relay: Potential-free normally open contact, 250 V, max. 2 A
Output ratio display: Shows the present calculated output ratio in 0...100 %
Max. output ratio limitation: Reduces the connected heating output
Manual output ratio mode: In case of sensor break, operation continues with last calculated output ratio
Manual mode: Device operates as a power controller
Operation lock: Available on three levels
Setpoints: Setpoint 1, setpoint 2 (can be activated by external contact), external setpoint (only for option „analog input/output“)
Second parameter set: Possible (can be activated by external contact)
CE marking: EMV according to 2004/108/EG; EN 61326-1, Electrical safety EN 61010-1

Other nominal power rates on request.

Microprocessor Temperature Regulator integrated in 1/2 19“ Front Panel

order no. connection via load current max. case dimensions (mm)
062069 cable glands 15 A 177x270x100

Model for integration in 19" rack 4HE, 42TE

order no. connection via load current max. case dimensions (mm)
062099 cable glands 15 A 174×213×100


order no.   suitable for
062150 serial interface RS485, Modbus-RTU all types
062151 Heating current monitoring (alarm output), resulting in mechanical and two-pole disconnection of heating voltage. With this option, the alarm relay is not available all types
062152 Analog input/output. Setpoint adjustment 0...10 VDC, analog process value output 0...10 VDC, or analog output ratio 0...10 VDC (continuous controller) all types

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