Heating Mantles

Heating mantles are used for the heating of technical glass vessels such as round-bottomed flasks, beakers and flange vessels. Heating mantles are not ready-for-use. They are components for plant construction requiring additional operation elements. Heating mantles may have several heating zones and temperature sensors. In combination with a corresponding number of regulators this ensures a constant and gentle heating up.

HMA-I - 400 °C 
6-20 liter, metal heating trough, housing made of stainless steel
HR - 500 °C
100 ml - 6 liter, metal heating trough, aluminum housing with powder coating
HG - 450 °C
25 ml - 20 liter, heating trough and outer mantle made of textile glass

QHG - 450 °C

20-200 liter, heating trough made of textile glass, textile outer mantle

HI - 450 °C
insulation mantles for top sides of flasks, heating surface made of textile glass


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Heating mantles have to be operated temperature-controlled, if necessary also in combination with an additional temperature limitation. Therefore, all heating mantles can be equipped with thermoelements or Pt100 sensors.