Please note

Heating mantles have to be operated temperature-controlled, if necessary also in combination with an additional temperature limitation. Therefore, all heating mantles can be equipped with thermoelements or Pt100 sensors.

Due to constructional reasons, the electrical insulation of heating mantles consists of heat-resistant textile glass. In case of permeating humidity, the electrical insulation characteristics will degrade. When integrating and connecting the heating mantle into a plant, measures must be taken to avoid the danger of an electric shock in case of permeating humidity. Heating mantles may only be operated in dry and clean environments. Use in explosive areas is not permitted. Heating mantles may only be operated in combination with residual current-breaking device or similar safety appliances.

Heating mantles bear the CE sign, among others according to DIN EN 60519-1 ("industrial electroheat“).
On request, we will provide a CE Certifi cate of Conformity for the desired type.



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