HMI - 200 °C Flexible Silicone Heating Mat, Splash-Proof

Silicone heating elements can be used for surfaces and cylindrical bodies. They are produced according to customer requirements and with heater power rates adapted to the respective application. They are very flexible and available in many different shapes and sizes. Boreholes and cut-outs are possible.

As a result of the specific power distribution, very even or individual temperature profiles can be realized.

Available as foils, mats or formed parts they offer an economic solution for many heating tasks.

Optional, integrated temperature sensors and thermal switches are available.

Technical Data

nominal temperature 200 °C
nominal voltage 230 V+, 115 V~, 42V~ and others
min. ambient temperature -60 °C
surface power 6500 W/m² (standard), max. 2 W/cm²
thickness heating element ca. 3 mm standard, min. 1 mm
max. dimensions 940 mm × 3000 mm
material silicone, silicone-coated glass braid
fixng options gluing, binding, velcro, pressing-on
temperature sensor vulcanized or in sensor pocket
thermal insulation (optional) 4/8 mm, max. 40 mm

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