ISM - Thermal Insulating Jackets for -50 °C ... 1000 °C

These insulating jackets are often applied in the field of high-quality plant engineering, where a professional design is important. Suitable for industrial use, they e.g. can insulate subsequently extruders in the plastics industry. Insulating jackets are designed to fit complicated components, considering individual heatings, sensors and fittings. Due to the heat insulation, the radiation is reduced, the efficiency of the heating increased, energy saved and hot surfaces are protected from accidental touch.

We produce high-quality heat insulations for a wide range of geometries according to samples or drawings. The applied materials are selected to the requirements of the application.

The following materials are used depending on the surface temperatures:

• up to 100 °C: aluminium-coated textile glass fabric

• up to 200 °C: silicone-coated textile glass fabric

• up to 250 °C: PTFE coated textile glass fabric

These materials are fiber-free and suitable for applications in clean environments.

For temperatrues higher than 250 °C we recommend the use of textile glass materials in appropriate qualities for applications up to 450 °C, 650 °C and 1000 °C.

Heat insulation materials:

• up to 120 °C: foamed EPDM plate materials (fiber-free)

• to 200 °C: foamed silicone (fiber-free)

• up to 450 °C and 1000 °C: fiber materials

Besides the good technical characteristics, we consider health aspects when selecting  materials. The needled structure of the mats guarantees stability without additional chemical binding materials. The insulation layer is manually integrated between two fabric layers. Therefore, the defined insulation thickness is kept also up to the edges.

Velcros or bindings with hooks and eyelets allow convenient fixing.


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