About us


  • production of electric heaters from textile and other materials
  • own temperature controls
  • individual solutions from handcrafted production
  • single pieces, small and medium series
  • customers from research and industry
  • over 35 years of experience
  • network of proven partners
  • longstanding customer relationships



Our ambition

We want what everyone wants: satisfied customers in long-term relationships, continuous growth and secure jobs for our employees, whose qualifications and reliability we owe the quality of our products to.
But what we also want: to be enthusiastic about our customers' cause. We seek for tasks that may be uncomfortable, but which help us to move forward.




Our Customers

In the chemical industry, our products ensure the required process temperature in laboratories and plants in a wide variety of vessels, reactors and pipes.

In environmental technology, heating hoses transport sample gases into analytical instruments without condensation.
In the food industry, heated tubes keep chocolate or honey fluid on their way from a container to the place of processing.
In the automotive industry we temper tools for PU skins of instrument panels or we ensure the correct processing temperature of adhesives and paints.
In the semiconductor industry, we heat extensive pipelines in factories and various components in the machines installed there to prevent the process gases from crystallising.
In vacuum technology, our specially adapted heating elements help to achieve ultra-high vacuum under the keyword "bake out" - worldwide for example in many particle accelerators.


We got the solution for your heating task



founded by Reinhard Horst in his house in Lindenfels in the Odenwald

Relocation of the company to Bensheim, constant expansion of the production and office space

Death of the company founder - sons Ralf and Uwe Horst take over the management

Relocation of the company headquarters and move to larger premises in Lorsch

Certification according to DIN ISO

Expansion of the office and production areas through a large-scale extension

Further expansion of the production areas

since March: construction of a new building for production, office and warehouse