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HMP - Electrical Heating Plates with Exchangeable Heating Conductors and Temperature Sensors

Electrical heating plates allow the heating of tools, containers, presses and desks. Additionally, they can be designed suitable for use in wafer production. Heating plates are also a good technical solution for heating valves, flow controllers, armatures as well as pipe systems in gas-mixing equipment.

Electrical heating plates are produced according to customers requirements. They can be designed rectangular, round or in individual outlines. Lead-throughs and fixing boreholes are considered.

Due to the good heat transfer of metal, which is used as base for the heating element, a mechanically robust design with homogenous heat distribution and high specific heater power rates is achieved.

As heating elements, electrically-insulated heating cables are applied, which are laid in grooves over the total available surface in spirals or meander-shaped with small interspaces.

The integrated heating wires are electrically insulated with silicone, PTFE, textile glass or quartz glass, depending on power requirement and nominal temperature. Due to their high flexibility, even corners and lead-throughs can be integrated. If mineral-insulated stainless steel conductors are applied, the heating plate is suitable for operation under vacuum.

The plate material is selected according to the planned application. Very suitable is aluminum, however, copper, brass and other materials can be used.

The heating surfaces can be anodized, hard-coated, coated with PTFE or surface finishes according to customers requirements. To achieve a homogenous surface temperature, several individually controllable heating circuits can be integrated.

Electrical heating plates must be temperature-controlled.

Technical Data

nominal temperature 400 °C
length 20 ... 2000 mm
breadth 10 ... 1000 mm
thickness 8 ... 25 mm
power density 2 W/cm²
nominal voltage extra-low voltages, 230 VAC1, 230/400 V 3N
temperature sensors thermocouples, Pt100

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