HT MC11 P15 - Microprocessor Temperature Regulator for Three-Phase System

HT MC11 P15 is a temperature regulator ready for operation with temperature supervision independent from regulation using an own temperature sensor input.
It has the same regulating characteristics as HT MC11 and is designed for electrical heatings in three-phase systems. The regulation electronics are protected from mechanical damage by the robust powder-coated aluminum housing.

Electrical connection with cable glands.

Functions and features

Nominal voltage: 230/400 V 3/N 50 Hz
Switching power: 10.3 k W at AC 1 (3x 15 A)
Housing: Powder coated aluminum, protection category IP 65
Control electronics: Two-position-regulator, PID control characteristics
Self-optimization: Automatic determination of control parameters (Autotune)
Operation: Using keypad
Temperature supervision: Temperature supervision with second sensor input, adjustable limit value, two-pole disconnection of heating voltage
Connections: Heating and temperature sensor connection via cable glands, connection board with spring terminals inside the housing
Temperature sensor: Independently selectable for regulation and supervision, Resistance sensor Pt100, NI120, Pt1000, Thermocouple Fe-CuNi (L), Fe-CuNi (J), NiCr-Ni (K), PtRh-Pt (S), NiCr-NiSi (N)
Potential-free switching: Heating voltages 24-250 VAC (10 A or 15 A depending on model) can be switched independently from the auxiliary voltage of the control electronics.
Program function: 6 * ramp time + hold time
Softstart function: For smooth heating-up
Alarm relay: Potential-free normally open contact, 250 V, max. 2 A
Output ratio display: Shows the present calculated output ratio in 0...100 %
Max. output ratio limitation: Reduces the connected heating output
Manual output ratio mode: In case of sensor break, operation continues with last calculated output ratio
Manual mode: Device operates as a power controller
Operation lock: Available on three levels
Setpoints: Setpoint 1, setpoint 2 (can be activated by external contact), external setpoint (only for option „analog input/output“)
Second parameter set: Possible (can be activated by external contact)
CE marking: EMV according to 2004/108/EG; EN 61326-1, Electrical safety EN 61010-1

Other nominal power rates on request.

Order Data

order no. connection via load current max. case dimensions (mm)
062067 cable glands 3 x 15 A 250x250x100


order no.   suitable for
062150 serial interface RS485, Modbus-RTU all types
062152 Analog input/output. Setpoint adjustment 0...10 VDC, analog process value output 0...10 VDC, or analog output ratio 0...10 VDC (continuous controller) all types