Customized Temperature Regulators

We also offer individually designed temperature regulators according to customer requirements in combination with further components.

Starting with specifying the number of required control circuits, we recommend suitable regulating electronics and choose a housing, e.g. for wall mounting, desktop model, mobile cabinet or 19” rack for housing systems.

For the technical layout, the switching currents of the desired application are considered.

Design options can be specified together with the customer, e.g.: position of heater connection (at the front, the rear side or the side), type of heater connection (cable screwings or plugs).

Labelling on the housing can be specified by the customer with application-specific names and signs.

Below some examples:

Example 1: Mobile 19” cabinet with 24 control circuits for mobile use in bake-out of high-vacuum components.

Example 2: Temperature regulator with 15 control zones for a pipe heating with additional electromechanical temperature limitation. Start / reset of each control circuit on the front panel with display of operating status.

Example 3: Testing plant for thermal switches, with heating appliance for the test objects. Temperature regulation with additional recording of the triggering temperature by a separate measuring model. The protocol is documented with PC software, recording of all relevant data such as actual temperature, triggering temperature, examiner, date and serial number.

Example 4: HT MC25 for 12 control zones as compact temperature measuring device. 2 control circuits are actively used for the regulation of one heating. The 10 remaining control circuits are applied to record the temperatures at different measuring points. Documentation with PC interface.





If you need a specifically configurated temperature regulator - please give us a call. We shall be pleased to advise you!



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