HT MC25 – Multi-Zone Temperature Regulator with LCD Display

Clear text enables convenient operation. Language: English or German. The large display allows several views of the controlled heatings, e.g.: upper-case display of all actual values, contrast display of actual values and setpoints, tendency display with overview of set alarms, "process view" with simultaneous display of actual value, setpoint, percentage value, alarm state, current (if option is selected), zone info or as writer function with graphical display of the temperature profile during a period in the past.

Technical Data:

  • product types: for  8, 10, 12 or 16 control zones
  • case :  DIN format 192 mm x 96 mm
  • configurable controller type: as two-position regulator (heating or cooling) or as three-position regulator (heating - off - cooling)
  • programmable adjustment mode: PD/I (PID modified) or separate adjustment of P, D and I parameters
  • selectable alarm outputs: lockable relay or bistable voltage signal 0/18 VDC, 10 mA, for common solid state relays
  • self-optimization of control parameters: automatic adaption to the control circuit
  • two clarm contacts (accumulative contacts) in standard: The triggering of the alarm can be determined for each control circuit: among others as limit value, signal contact relative to the setpoint or as limit comparator with a supervised temperature range.
  • control zones individually programmable: Sensors (thermoelements, Pt100), actual vaule offset adjustment, rising and falling setpoint ramps, 2. setpoint, copy function for adjusted values of the control circuit.
  • connection technology: terminal blocks

On demand these devices are available with control outputs by mechanical relays, analog inputs 0 ... 10 VDC, add-on software, regulating modes "3-position regulator" (heating – off – cooling) and wired ready-for-operation.

Order Data Series HT MC25

order no. model zones    
06704 xxx MC25 8 Zonen    
06705 xxx MC25 10 Zonen    
06706 xxx MC25 12 Zonen    
06707 xxx MC25 16 Zonen    

Option: Heating Current Monitoring

order no.  
xxxxx 0 xx without heating current monitoring
xxxxx 5 xx with heating current monitoring

Option: Interface / Field Bus Connection

order no.  
xxxxxx 0 x without interface
xxxxxx 2 x interface RS 232
xxxxxx 4 x interface RS 485
xxxxxx 5 x interface 0/20 mA
xxxxxx 7 x CAN-open, CiA Device Profile DS-404
xxxxxx 9 x Profibus-DP, EN50170

Option: Power Supply

order no.  
xxxxxxx 1 power supply: 230 V AC
xxxxxxx 2 power supply: 115 V AC
xxxxxxx 3 power supply: 24 V AC
xxxxxxx 5 power supply: 24 V DC

Ordering example: HT MC25 with 8 control zones, without heating current monitoring, with RS 232 interface and 230 V AC power supply: 06704021

Accessories: HTSW - One-Phase AC Current Transformer

Horst Stromwandler HTSW


This current transformer according to VDE 0414 EN 50178 (VDE0156) is designed for mounting on 35 mm DIN rails. It is used for heater current monitoring, if several heating circuits are electrically connected in parallel.

Technical Data HTSW Current Transformer

input current 50 A
output current 50 mA
transformer ratio 1:1000
max. measuring overload max. 20 %
material UL-V1

Order Data

order no. 06700500

Hotline: +49 (0) 6251 9626-0