HT 61 - Multichannel Microprocessor Regulator

This microprocessor-controlled multichannel regulator is available for 5, 10 or 15 temperature control circuits. Measuring values and operating messages of all control zones are displayed simultaneously. You can choose between the display of actual temperatures, set-point values, control deviations or control grades.

Each channel can be individually adjusted to requirements of the respective controlled system.

Up to 4 set points "SP1"..."SP4" can be stored for each channel. In case e.g. "SP4" is selected, all assigned set points are activated with only one keystroke. This allows to adapt the temperature level of all connected control circuits easily and comfortably to different operating modes, e.g. change of material, temperature reduction during breaks in production.

Ramp functions for time-controlled achievement of set points can be programmed. Set points can be monitored for errors, e.g. low temperature, excess temperature, sensor break and sensor short circuit. Two potential-free contacts will trigger in case of error and the error message will be displayed.

Electrically insulated triacs can switch ohmic loads up to 5 A directly, or can switch final controlling elements e.g. solid state relays. HT 61 is equipped with a diagnostic program which can be started after initial installation or in case of errors. It performs plausibility checks and detects e.g. cable mistakes, polarity reversals, short circuits and cable breaks.

Each HT 61 channel can also be operated as a power controller without temperature measuring, the control grade is displayed in percent.

Technical Data

controller type two-position-regulator / three-position-regulator, configurable for each channel
control system PI, PD or PID
nominal voltage 230 V~ +5 % / -10 %, 20 VA
outputs 1 triac for each output, nominal voltage 42..230 V~, max 5 A per triac, max. 16 A pergroup of five and controlled case temperature < 60 °C
temperature sensor inputs NiCr-Ni – temperature range 0 - 999 °C, Pt 100 – temperature range 0 - 250 °C
potential-free switching contacts 1* excess temperature, relative to set point, 1* low temperature, relative to set point, 1* watchdog-function, absolute value, each as combination alarm, max. 230 V~ / 3 A
terminals 2,5 mm² (detachable), interface socket
case metal housing
dimensions for 19" rack height 3 HE – 128.4 mm, breadth 42 TE – 213 mm, depth 255 mm incl. plug connectors
dimensions for swiching cabinet height 128.4 mm, breadth 230 mm, depth 255 mm incl. plug connectors, cut-out H×B 114.4 mm × 214 mm
interface RS 485 included
ambient temperature max. 45 °C
weight approx. 2.5 - 3 kg depending on type

Order Data

order no. housing for sensor input channels
066105 19" rack Pt 100 5 channels
066110 19" rack Pt 100 10 channels
066115 19" rack Pt 100 15 channels
066120 19" rack NiCr-Ni (K) 5 channels
066125 19" rack NiCr-Ni (K) 10 channels
066130 19" rack NiCr-Ni (K) 15 channels
066106 switching cabinet Pt 100 5 channels
066111 switching cabinet Pt 100 10 channels
066116 switching cabinet Pt 100 15 channels
066121 switching cabinet NiCr-Ni (K) 5 channels
066126 switching cabinet NiCr-Ni (K) 10 channels
066131 switching cabinet NiCr-Ni (K) 15 channels

Additional features on request:

nominal voltage control electronics 115 V~, 24 V~, 24 V=
triac outputs for nominal voltages 24 V~, 24 V=
sensor inputs Fe-CuNi, Ni120, 0..10 V, 4..20 mA
interfaces RS 232, RS 422