HBRA - 65 °C max. Ambient Temperature

Self-Limiting Heating Cable for Antifreeze

Reasonably-priced heating tape, equipped with high-quality fluoropolymer mantle. Due to its dimension and its power characteristics, this heating tape is designed for anti-freeze heating of pipe sections.

Technical Data

max. allowed ambient temperature: 65 °C energized, 80 °C de-energized
nominal voltage: 230 V~
min. bending radius: 25 mm
breadth: 13.8 mm
thickness: 5.6 mm
protective braid: copper, tinned
outer mantle: fluoropolymer
temperature class: T6 (85 °C), referring to ATEX directive
additional length for finishing: 210 mm

Order Data

order no. Watt/m recerence temp.
021425 20 W/m 10 °C

Finishing Sets HBRA

order no.  
021609 finishing set for direct entry into connection box shrink technology, cable gland M25
021614 finishing set for direct connection heating tape - power supply line plug-and-socket technology

Factory-Made Finishing HBRA

order no.  
021709 factory-made direct connection heating tape - power supply line (rubber cable)

HBRA finishing set order no. 021614

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