Self-Limiting Heating Tapes

Self-limiting heating tapes regulate their heating power continuously depending on their surface temperature. If the temperature drops, the heating power increases; if the temperature rises, it decreases. This prevents the heating tape from overheating when used as intended.

Typical application
In addition to their use as frost protection heaters, self-limiting heating tapes are often used to compensate for heat losses in pipelines and vessels whose media temperature is higher than the ambient temperature in which they are installed.

Meaning of the temperature specification
The temperature specifications of our heating cable types ("65 °C", "85 °C" etc.) refer to the maximum existing temperature of the surface on which they may be installed. Depending on the installation and operating conditions, the heating cable temperature itself may deviate from these temperature specifications during operation.

Significance of the heating capacity
Self-limiting heating tapes are offered with different specific heating capacities in Watt/m, referred to a heating tape temperature of 5 °C or 10 °C. The diagrams assigned to the individual types show the course of the heating power in relation to the surface temperature of the heating tape.

Selection of the heating tape type
When selecting a suitable heating tape, the temperature range is first determined and the heating power required for the application is calculated. When calculating the length of the heating tape for a desired heating power, the decreasing power values with increasing temperature must be taken into account, which can be read in the diagrams.

Self-limiting heating cables can be cut to any length less than their maximum heating circuit length. The fabrication can be done on site or is carried out in the factory. We will be pleased to help you with the selection and design.

Self-limiting heating cables can also be operated via a temperature control unit. Other nominal voltages are also available on request.


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