HKSI - 140 °C - Robust Heating Cable

A fluorpolymer mantle protects this heating cable from effects of chemical substances and permits use in an aggressive environment up to a working temperature of 140 °C.

Technical Data

nominal temperature: 140 °C
nominal voltage: 230 V~
heating power rate: 30 W/m
segment length: 0.7 m
min. bending radius: 40 mm
thickness: 6 mm
breadth: 8 mm
protective braid: copper, tinned

Order Data

order no. Watt/m
021204 30 W/m

Please note that the total length has to be divisible by 0.7. For finishing with finishing set order no. 021670, an additional 0.7-m-segment is required. This addition is included if you order a heating cable with ready-made finishing order no. 021231.

HKSI Finishing Set

order no.  
021670 finishing Set HKSI: heat shrinkable tubing sections, one flat-sealing cable gland for the housing inlet, and small parts for the electrical connection

Ready-Made Finishing HKSI

order no.

HKSI Finishing Set

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