Thermal Insulation

GCC 1000 °C

fleecy BCTEX fabric tape

GBW 450 °C

fleecy glass fiber tape

SJ 200 °C

silicone foam hose


MSI 200 °C

silicone foam hose


MG 450 °C

needled glass fiber mat


MCC 1000 °C

soft BCTEX fleece



MEP 120 °C

insulating hose

insulating mat



MEP 90 °C

self-adhesive foam tape

IM 1100 °C

insulating plate

insulating bulk material


Temperature Resistant Fabric

for the covering of heated surfaces and insulations

SSG 450 °C

glass yarn fabric


SGI 200 °C

glass yarn fabric, silicone-coated on both sides

SGA 160 °C

glass yarn fabric, coated with aluminum on one side

SCC 1000 °C

BCTEX fabric



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