Mounting Accessories (mechanical)

GCC 1000 °C

fleecy BCTEX fabric tape

GBB 500 °C

broad glass fiber tape

GBW 450 °C

fleecy glass fiber tape

GB 450 °C

thin glass fiber tape

GSO 450 °C

glass fiber cord


GSH 450 °C

glass fiber hoses


GSK 900 °C

quartz glass hoses


GSI 250 °C

glass fabric hoses, coated with silicone




tension band and quick locks, material: 1.4301



KSV 100 °C

KSV 180 °C

velcro fastener

KSP 105 °C

KSP 150 °C

plastic binders


spacer tape for heating tapes


spacer tape for heating cables


information sign "electrical heating"

GKB 120 °C

glass fabric tape with acrylate glue

GIB 200 °C

glass fabric tape with silicone glue

GAB 120 °C

aluminum tape with acrylate glue

MEP 90 °C

self-adhesive foam tape

SIB 180 °C

self-fusing silicone rubber tape


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