Outer Protective Hoses

For selecting an outer protective hose suitable to your project, special requirements concerning flexibility, mechanical stability and watertightness are very important and have to be considered.

Approximate outer diameter values of heating hoses with polyamide protective braid, using the example of heating hoses series H 12. If other outer protective hoses or a different heating hose series is used, the outer diameter might increase by up to 10 mm.

nominal diameter DN 04 06 08 10 12 16 20 25 32 40 50
outer Ø mm ± 10 % 40 40 40 45 45 50 50 55 60 70 85

Polyamide protective braid

Material: PA 6, polyamide. Heat-resistant up to 150 °C, very flexible and light, usually black - but also deliverable in other colors.

Metal protective braid

Material: steel, galvanized or V2A. Heat-resistant from 300 °C to 500 °C, very flexible and light, very good protection against abrasion.

Plastic currugated hose

Material: PA 6, polyamide. Heat-resistant up to 120 °C, very flexible, hard-wearing, flame retardant, halogen-free.

PU corrugated hose with steel spiral

Material: PU, polyurethane. Heat-resistant up to 90 °C, very flexible, very suitable for applications on robots, hard-wearing, flame retardant, halogen-free.

Metal corrugated hose

Material: galvanized steel. Heat-resistant up to 300 °C, very flexible, hard-wearing, very resistant against sharp objects and chips.

Glass fabric protective hose

Material: glass fiber, black. Temperature stability up to 400 °C, very flexible with very good protection against abrasion. Protection against glowing chippings.


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