In the basic configuration our heating hoses have armatures made of machining steel. We also offer armatures made of stainless steel (1.4301 / 1.4571) or other materials. The durability of the heating hose and armature should correspond. On request, the heating hoses can be equipped with loose flanges or integral flanges, according to DIN and ASA.

Please consider that armatures narrow the passage of the hose! See table on right.


Universal conical nipple, union nut inch (BSP)


pipe connection, light/heavy duty series for clamping ring screw connections


Universal conical nipple, union nut metric thread, light/heavy duty series


Nipple with 74° conus JIC, union nut UNF thread


Flanged nut, flat packing, union nut metric/inch


Narrowing by Armatures

nominal diameter DN inner diameter armature
4 3.0 mm
6 4.5 mm
8 6.0 mm
10 7.5 mm
12 10.0 mm
16 12.5 mm
20 16.0 mm
25 20.1 mm
32 27.5 mm
40 31.5 mm

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