Heat for Technical Processes




Covid-19: Service and production guaranteed

Since mid-March our company has been running under the special new conditions and after a few weeks it has returned to everyday life in a way. We are grateful that none of our employees has been ill so far.

In order to maintain the ability to deliver, we have implemented the following:

    We increase the inventory of critical raw materials and components and are in close contact with our suppliers. Our stocks are sufficient for our planning horizon and there are no serious restrictions with our important suppliers.
    Since March 23, the entire company has been working in two shifts. The respective employees will no longer have any personal contact in the company. Each of the layers is capable of maintaining operations, albeit at a reduced capacity.
    We were able to move some functions to home workplaces.

We are still in the process of optimizing processes. If there are still minor delays, please be patient. We are convinced that we can master this unprecedented situation together with you and will inform you if the situation should change significantly.

We wish you all the best and send the best regards from South Hesse!