March 2021

The continuing increase in the number of infections and the danger posed by the newly discovered mutations of the virus make us very concerned - and we are glad that no one in our company has been affected by the disease so far.

Like for most of the people in the world, all our hopes rest on the coming vaccination. However, until a sufficient number of people could be vaccinated and the number of infected people is permanently low, we are reducing the contacts to a minimum necessary for the course of business.

As far as possible, we work in a home office. In production, on-site presence is unfortunately essential. But our production rooms are spacious and have a large volume of air. We work in two shifts to keep the distances between employees as large as possible. In addition, all workers are equipped with masks that comply with the legal requirements and must be worn as a matter of principle, with specified exceptions.

We are working on a way to offer our employees quick tests on the job.

We hope that our efforts will contribute to the containment of the disease and wish everyone good health.