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Our Heating jackets are operative electric heatings with integrated thermal insulations. They are produced according to customer-specified shapes and can be used directly after quick and easy installation.

Heating jackets can be made for many different components:

• tubes

• flanges

• destillation columns

• portable containers

• casings of exhaust gas outlets

• tank bottoms

• standard vacuum components

• pump heads

• round or square containers

• vacuum pumps

• flow measuring devices

• sample gas distributors

• valves

and many other parts.

The materials are chosen corresponding to the conditions of use. Selection criteria are the operating temperature and the working environment where the heating is to be used. High-quality technical fabrics such as kevlar, silicone, PTFE, textile glass and textile quartz glass are selected.

For temperatures up to 250 °C moisture-resistant, PTFE insulated heating conductors are suitable. Up to 450 °C we use textile-glass-insulated heating conductors, up to 900 °C quartz-glass-insulated heating conductors.

Heating jackets must be operated temperature-controlled and, if necessary, with an additional temperature limiting device. Our heating jackets are usually equipped with built-in thermocouples or Pt100 resistance thermometers. It is also possible to install thermal switches. We recommend our series HT MC11, for extensive heatings our series HT 61.


We have a wide range of heating conductors in stock. With their small bending radii they can be attached closely even on complicated surfaces to be heated. Homogeneous heating capacity reduces the strain on the heating conductor, and the temperature difference between the heating element and the intended temperature of the heated component is minimized. The heat is distributed evenly over the available surface, not concentrated on certain points.


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For a quotation, please provide the following information:
• description of the component to be heated, with drawing or photo
• function of the heating: heating-up of the component or compensation of heat loss
• operating temperature
• temperature sensor: standard is NiCr-Ni (K)
• heating jacket connection: net and sensor line together or separate
• length of the connecting cable: standard is 1.5 m

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