VG - Gas Heaters for Small Flow Rates up to 900 °C

This heating appliance is suitable for heating non-combustible gases with flow rates < 10 m³/h. Outlet temperatures up to 900 °C can be reached.

All VG models have heating elements situated outside the pipe, which the medium flows through.

• Depending on the flow rate, pipe diameters of 4, 6 or 8 mm can be chosen
• Pipe materials like temperature-resistant stainless steel, nickel and chrome alloys or even glass and quartz glass can be applied.
• To optimize the heat transfer, the pipes are formed in a spiral or meander shape. The heating element is adapted to the application regarding design and heater power.

Each heater is individually customized, considering the demands of applied materials, flow rate, target temperature and installation situation. Please send us your inquiry form.

Sample 1: A basic way to heat gases is to insert a spiral into the electrically-insulated heating pipe of a tube furnace. The front is closed. VG gas heaters can be implemented for a wide range of uses. A separate temperature regulation is required, e.g. HT MC11.

Sample 2: Heater unit and controller are integrated in a compact housing. Medium inlet and outlet are on the front. The temperature regulation and an additional temperature limiter are combined with further components such as main switch, fuse and ventilator.

Sample 3: The control of this gas heater is similar to sample 2. The housing is designed as a 19” rack for integration into a measuring cabinet. Medium inlet and outlet are on the back.


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