HER 22 - Solid State Relay for Surface Mounting

This compact electronic single-phase relay switches loads up to 25 A. It is non-wearing and must always operate in combination with a suitable external short-circuit protection fuse.

Technical Data

load voltage: 230 VAC

zero voltage indication, LED display for input status

Order Data

order no. control voltage
069001 3 ... 32 VDC

Accessories for Solid State Relay:

Cooling element

dimensions: 96 x 75 x 41 mm, thermal resistance 0.7 ... 2.0 K/W


Fuse Set

consisting of: fuse carrier (protection category IP 40) for front panel mounting and FF 16 A fuse (6.3 x 32)


Accessories for Solid State Relay

order no.  
069005 Cooling element
069002 Fuse set (fuse carrier and FF 16 A fuse)
069004 spare fuse FF 16 A, 5 pcs.


There are always residual currents in solid state relays.

Therefore, a main switch or a contactor should be superposed.

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