HT 55 - Self-Optimizing Microprocessor Regulator

Small format powerful regulator at a reasonable price.

After mounting into a front panel, the regulator front will achieve protection category IP 65. For measuring value input you can choose from 15 sensor types and linear signals. The regulator output is designed to trigger an electronic relay. Two further relay outputs can be used as alarm contacts or for direct switching of small loads. The “self-optimization” function determines the optimal regulating parameters for the heating task – on demand, the setpoint is approached with a ramp function. HT 55 can be operated with 4 buttons or with a service interface and optional Windows software. With LED display for actual value, setpoint value, control deviation and switching state of the outputs. The regulator configurations can be protected using passwords.

With order number 065515 current monitoring can be realised.

Prepared for triggering an electronic relay. The available relay contact is used as an alarm contact for current control.

HT 550 - HT 55 in Table Housing

The microprocessor regulator HT 55 is designed for the front panel integration and has to be wired with additional components for operation. HT 550 has integrated regulator electronics ready for operation in a table housing.

With an integrated electronic relay, up to 16 A current load can be switched. An additional contactor, triggered by an alarm contact, switches off the heating in case of a defect of the electronic relay. The status is displayed as "error".

The heating is connected with a three-pole plug, a suitable mating plug is included in the scope of delivery. As an alternative, an additional current supervision can be integrated. In case of a deviation from the adjusted current value, this status is displayed as "error" and the heating is cut off from the net by the contactor.

Technical Data

controller type Two-position / three-position regulator
regulating characteristics P / PD / PID
nominal voltage 100 ... 240 V AC
regulator outputs 2 x relay, 1 x logic, configurable
programmable functions self-optimization, auto optimization, soft start
power control logic output 10 Vdc Min., Rout = 100 Ohm (6 V / 20 mA), relay 5 A / 250 Vac
current transformer input 50 mAac, 50/60 Hz, Ri = 2 Ohm
switching power 3 A at 230 V ~
accuracy class 0.25 %
protect. category front cover IP 65 (EN 60529)
cross section clamps 2.5 mm²
case dimensions (hxbxd) 48 mm x 48 mm x 110 mm

Additional Technical Data for HT 550

power control via solid state relay
switching power 3600 W AC 1 (16 A)
protection class I
protection category IP 30 (EN 60529)
housing table housing
housing dimensions 260 mm x 180 mm x 240 mm

Order Data

order no. product
065510 HT 55
065550 cable + converter RS 232/TTL configuration software for Windows included
065515 HT 55 with option "heating current supervision"
065560 current transformer for 065515
065570 HT 550 table housing with integrated HT 55 regulator electronic
065571 like 065570, but with additional current supervision
065550 connecting cable with service software for Windows

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