HBRT - 120 °C max. Ambient Temperature

Self-Limiting Heating Tape

Technical Data

max. allowed ambient temperature: 120 °C energized, 205 °C de-energized
nominal voltage: 230 V~
min. bending radius: 10 mm
breadth: 11.2 mm
thickness: 5.2 mm
protective braid: copper, tinned
outer mantle: fluoropolymer
additional length for finishing: 150 mm

Order Data

order no. Watt/m reference temp. temperature class
021502 18 10 °C T3 (200 °C), referring to ATEX directive
021501 37 10 °C T3 (200 °C), referring to ATEX directive
021500 47 10 °C T3 (200 °C), referring to ATEX directive
021515 64 10 °C T2 (300 °C), referring to ATEX directive

Finishing Set HBRT 120

Please consider ordering additional heating tape length for finishing and if necessary for the distance from the component to be heated to the connection box!

order no.  
021605 Finishing set for direct entry into connection. Consisting of heat shrinkable tubing sections, small parts for the electrical connection and one cable gland M25 for the insertion of the heating tape into a suitable connection box. (Connection box not in scope of delivery)

Factory-Made Finishing HBRT 120

order no.  
021701 Factory-made finish with connection box. The heating tape is connected with cable glands to a robust rubber hose line in a high-quality, glass-fiber-reinforced plastic housing. Housing dimensions: 110 × 110 × 67 mm, connection cable type H 07 RN-F 3 G 1.5

HBRT 120 Finishing Set order no. 021605

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