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Heating Hoses

High-Quality Industrial Hoses, Vulcanized and Heated

This heating hose series differs completely from other HORST heating hoses.


These heating hoses are manufactured on a thorn and winded. After the production procedure, the single layers are vulcanized and are then inseparable. The result is a very homogenous, flexible hose with great mechanical stability.


Materials that come into contact with the medium are chosen with reference to their stability against greases, chemicals and food. The outside layer fulfils the following requirements: ozone­resistant, abrasion­proof and conductive. A selection of the used materials: NR (natural rubber), SBR (styrol­ butadiene rubber), NBR (butadiene­acrylnitril­rubber), EPDM (ethylene­propylene­diene­rubber.


All common armatures and customized armatures can be fitted, e. g. couplings from Storz or Kamlock, tanker couplings, loose and fixed flanges.


The special feature of this heating hose is that the PTFE insulated heating conductor is a fixed component of the vulcanized hose construction. As a result of the proximity to the medium, a good heat transfer is guaranteed. On the outside, heat­insulating materials are used, which limit the handiness only insignificantly. In this series, the armatures are included in the heating. The heating hoses must operate temperature­controlled. In our range of products, we also have devices that are suitable for many different applications.


As simple, antifreeze-heated water hose, as certified fresh water or food hose, as heated hose for waste water and chemicals.


Even individual items can be produced for a reasonably price and within a short period of time.

If you wish to receive an offer, please let us have the following information:

  • supply voltage
  • medium
  • nominal diameter
  • length
  • armatures
  • pressure
  • temperature
  • application

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