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Heating Hoses

Analysis Heating Hose

with Integrated Filter

Analysis heating hoses with integrated filters are a combination of up to now two previously separate systems: heated hoses and a heated filter element. Above all, they were designed for the application with portable measuring instruments. Thus, we set great value on the light and flexible design.

Optionally, test gas lines (PTFE core with 2/3 mm or 4/6 mm inner orouter diameter) and control lines can be incorporated into this system. The filter housing is made of V4A (1.4571) steel but it is also possible to produce them out of Hasteloy or with PTFE coating. The heating hoses can be easily connected to several HORST temperature regulators.

Naturally, the filter housing can be adapted to different filter dimensions, hose diameters and hose lengths. This series is adaptable to our complete range of analysis hoses and is therefore suitable for various analysis applications.

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