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Barrel Heatings


Distribution Box with Temperature Regulator for Barrel Contents

This plastic casing with four earthed plug sockets, main switch and an optional temperature regulator for the contents of the barrel is placed beside the barrel.

Technical Data:

nominal voltage: 230 / 400 V~
switching power: 3 x 3500 W
temperature regulator: HT 22 (built-in)
safety class: I
power supply: 1.5 m cable with CEE plug 16 A
temperature range: 0 ... 100 C
order no. type
06 14 05 HFT with temperature regulator, 4 plug sockets, main switch
06 14 06 HFV distributor box with 4 plug sockets, main switch
07 03 10 temperature sensor for the barrel, Pt 100 in VA-tube 6 x 1400 mm, 1.5 m cable

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