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Electrical Heating Plates with Temperature Sensors and Exchangeable Heating Conductors

Electric heating plates are manufactured according to customer's requirements. They can be produced cornered, circular or with flowing contours. Bushings and fastening boreholes are possible.

Electric heating plates can be used to heat tools, armatures, presses and desks. The plate material depends on the desired application. Aluminum is well-suited, but other materials like non-ferrous metals, steel or high-grade steel are also applicable.

The heating surface can be anodized, PTFE coated or finished according to customer's needs. To reach an extremely homogenous surface temperature, several individually controlled heating zones may be implemented.

Electric heating plates must always be used temperature-controlled.

Please describe your application and we will try to quote an appropriate heating plate.

Technical Data (standard):

nominal temperature: 400 C
length: 100 ... 2000 mm
breadth: 40 ... 1000 mm
thickness: 8 .. 25 mm
power density: 2 W/cm
nominal voltage: extra-low voltages, 230 VAC1, 230/400 V 3N
temperature sensors: thermocouples, Pt 100

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