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High Performance Cartridge Heaters

High performance cartridge heaters serve as heat conductors: they transfer the heat very quickly to the media to be heated (solid bodies, liquids or gases). In contrast to conventional cartridge heaters, these cartridges have a heat­resistant casing of chromium­nickel-steel. The bottom-side of the cartridge heater is resistant to gas and corrosion, the surface is polished and pure. The connection side has a ceramic closing.

There are no current­carrying parts outside the cartridge. For constructional reasons, there is an unheated section of 3 ­ 4 mm at the head of the cartridge.

Technical Data:

max. surface load: 50 W/cm²
nominal temperature: max. 750 °C
outer casing: chromium-nickel steel
insulation material: magnesium oxide
heating conductor: nickel-chromium alloy
connection: silicone-impregnated glass-fiber-nickel braid
length connection line: default: 300 mm, other lengths are deliverable
heater diameter (standard): 6.5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12.5 mm
heater length (standard): 40 ... 300 mm
power (standard): 100 ... 2000 W at 230 V

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