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Circulation Heaters

Liquids and gases with a continuous flow can be heated effectively with compact circulation heaters.

Construction: A heating element is placed in a flow tube from the front side. The exchangeable heating element is sealed with threads or flanges. The medium is led into the flow tube, absorbs the heat
directly from the heating element and escapes heated at the opposite end.

Temperature Control: Circulation heaters must be run with separate temperature regulators. They are used for the temperature control of the escaping medium and for temperature limit control of the heating element.

Quotation: The decisive factor to reach the desired increase of temperature is an exact design calculation of the circulation heater. Please describe your planned application and specify the following items:

  • medium

  • volumetric flowrate

  • inlet temperature

  • operating pressure

  • desired outlet temperature

Technical Data (standard):

flow tube material: high-grade steel 1.4541, 1.4571, Inconel, Incoloy
diameter: DN 40 ... DN 300
length: 350 mm ... 3000 mm
pressure: max. 100 bar
connections inlet/outlet: flange, thread, welded connection
material heating elements: high-grade steel 1.4541, 1.4435, 1.4828, Incoloy 2.48
heating power: max. 300 KW , max. 12 W/cm² at the heating element
mains voltage: max. 360 V
protection category: IP 54, IP 65
temperature sensor: NiCr-Ni (K), Pt 100, other
electric supply: terminal box on the front side
fastening: screw brackets, adjustable fixing devices
protection against accidental contact: optional detachable thermal insulation

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